Do you have a passion that you wish you could turn into a full time business?

Do you want to quit your job and follow your passion?

You might be working in an office or other full time / part time employment, or you might be a full time mum, but you have this strong and powerful feeling in the pit of your stomach to be doing something else.

Listen to Your Heart!

It breaks my heart to see so many people ignore that feeling to do something they yearn to do by passing it off as a phase, or worrying it won't work out.

This is your heart telling you something!

The amazing thing is, those people who choose NOT to ignore this feeling and listen to their heart by doing something about it, are now fulfilling a life long dream.

Five years after making the decision to change their life, they're are thriving doing something they love, being paid for it and spending more time with their families living life!

You can have this too!

Managing the Fear

Yes I hear you - you're scared, worried and concerned your idea will fail. You have a family to support. Healthcare to provide and bills to pay. These are normal responses. However, they are excuses #controversial! Whilst excuses sounds like a pretty damning term, they are mindset barriers that need attention. The good news is, they can be removed!

Think about this. Many would be entrepreneurs have faced the same dilemmas and questions. Many of them are men and women who are the "bread winners" in their families but didn't let this fear get in the way. They felt it, it's normal, but something else would have been going on for them.

You see, fear is a state of mind. In many cases fear is a good thing. I protects us from bad experiences. It's part of our internal warning system and can be very resourceful as I explain below.

1. Feel The Fear

The first thing you need to decide is how much you want this. How big is your Pull or Push factor?  As coaches this helps us determine how much the clients wants / needs the change. Those who want / or need the transformation are more inclined to decide "yes I'm going to do this!"

Fear can be a strong motivating push factor for change. It was for me. I knew in my heart if I stayed in environment that I was working in, it wouldn't be long before I had a long term stress related illness, so I had to take responsibility for myself, my health and well being. 

For others it might be the power of the attraction pulling them towards the desired outcome. Examples include the freedom to decide work hours, the choice to earn as little or as much as you want, or the opportunity to have a better work / life balance.

So fear is a good thing. Without it, we'd be irresponsible and poor decision makers. So I say let's embrace your fears, then learn to manage and work with them. 

  • write down a score out of 10 how much you want the change
  • write down a score out of 10 how much you DON'T want the change

2. Focus on the Transformation - not the fear!

The next thing to do is think about what the change will give you? Consider how much better your and your family's life will be. The freedom, the choices, the peace and harmony in the household, better health and so forth! Hanging onto and focussing on the benefits will bring the idea of doing something you love much closer and attainable.

It does something else which is amazing.

It removes the fear! That's because your mind isn't focussed on it!

As soon as I decided to move out of corporate work and do something different, I focussed on the benefits and how different my life would be, I was no longer focussed on the fear. That said, it was my fear of becoming ill that was driving me away from the 9-5. Once I made the decision to leave, I could focus on the transformation.

  • make a list of all the things the transformation will give you
  • make a list of all the things that you think will happen, if you don't make the transformation
  • pin the list where you can see it

3. Let Your Passion Drive You

When you're passionate about a cause or a goal or doing something, the energy drives you forward.

Passion comes from heart and propels us towards our goal with purpose and clarity.

Without it, distraction and procrastination can set in.

  • harness your passion to propel you forward in making the transition
  • use the energy to do something each day towards achieving your dream

4. Don't Allow Your Passion to be Sabotaged!

Sometimes, people around you can sabotage your passion and dreams. They do this to protect their well being. If you have a desire to make a significant change in your life, there will be some people around you, who may fear the change themselves.

To win them around:

  • share your dream 
  • ask them about their fears
  • use the strategies above to help them overcome the anxiety
  • involve them in your plans
  • own the dream as a couple / team / family
  • give them a new focus - ask them to research / help / support
  • reassure them that you will only act in their best interest and with positive intentions

Are you ready to turn your passion into profit?