Reasons to Hire a Business Coach

As a trained Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, Marketeer and Teccie Geek, I thought I could hit the entrepreneurial road on my own. When I say my own, I mean just little ole me, my laptop and my fluff ball dog-star with attitude #cutepup, Jess by my side.

I had all the skills and knowledge, to get from A to B, hell even across to Z, I could do this on my own! 

hire a business coach

Reasons to Hire a Business Coach

I had all the strategies at my finger tips. You know for the times when I hit road blocks or periods of procrastination and self doubt. Blimey, my tool box was / is bulging with tips, rescue plans and get out of jail cards!


We're not made to travel a lonely road. The best explorers have a team  around them cheering them on. Even sport's stars, granted have a natural talent but are elevated to greater heights when supported by a coach and medical staff.

Recognise this...most of the wildly successful entrepreneurs have a coach! Yes they do! Helping them set their aspirational goals, offering advice and even shouting them down from the cliff edge when the journey get's a bit tough.

Now I'm not talking about them investing millions in a sacred sage somewhere on a mountain hilltop, I'm talking about someone like me!

Having someone you can bounce ideas of, chew the fat, pull your hair out with, laugh with is so good for the entrepreneurial soul.

It's the same for me and you.

My Coach Showed Me the Way

I got some way down the entrepreneurial road on my own, but what I didn't realise until I met my first coach, is that I'd made some pretty catastrophic mistakes along the way! I ended up almost at the wrong destination! The faux pas consumed my time, blurred my focus and resulted in a wrong turn which cost me. However, as always, I've taken the positive learning from the experience!

I got back on my proverbial horse, reviewed and refocussed. I listened to my coach and made some pretty tough changes to my strategies. I regrouped and refuelled and off I set again, feeling happy and super confident about the journey ahead.

My Coach Kept Me Moving

My second coach came into my life because I needed some knowledge & confidence training in getting in front of the camera. This time I was completely intentional about getting the help I needed and consequently my second Coach entered my life!

I loved working with Emmy. She is a Master at helping her clients get camera confident, but she's more than that. Her motivational and spiritual guidance is super complimentary and  100% genuine. Emmy takes care of her clients using a similar approach that I use to build my clients relationships, so I found her very very easy to work with.  If you want to get confident in front of a camera (You Tube / Facebook Live) go check her out!

My Coach Saw My Potential

Each step of the journey, never felt fearful, because I was safe in the knowledge that my Coach wasn't far away.

I support my Bright Diamonds (my clients)  with practical & technical trainings, complimented with motivational guidance allowing each unique Diamond to shine as bright as possible.

During the transformation process, I'm cheering them on from the sidelines, holding their hand whilst navigating the uncomfortable terrain and congratulating them on achieving a positive breakthrough.

As your coach and mentor, it's also my duty to help you grow. Both as an individual and as a successful leader.

For this reason, I stretch my clients to think big and grow big.

The entrepreneurial journey is best lived when you explore new opportunities and experiences. There's nothing more exhilarating than stepping outside your comfort zone and experiencing the feeling of triumph when you discover how enjoyable it was. Boy it feels amazing! Imagine having to do that alone!? Imagine sharing the success on your own?

Your coach and mentor is your sponsor and friend. Please don't leave home without one!

11 Reasons for Hiring a Coach During Your Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Expert Guidance - You will be guided along the right path - no more getting lost or taking the wrong the turn
  • Reach your Potential - your coach will help you to see yourself from a different perspective. By allowing your coach to help you to see your qualities, strengths and inner power (the things you overlook), you can begin to unlock your true and full potential.
  • Heightened Awareness - you take a voyage of discovery, with your coach by your side, teaching you to get to know yourself, your unconscious and conscious mind, your values and beliefs. This new understanding changes your relationship with yourself in a very powerful and positive way.
  • Personal Growth - your coach will help you learn, not by teaching but through understanding barriers, breaking them down and setting bite sized goals.
  • Recondition Your Belief Systems - with a healthy belief system, you can really start to work your magic. You begin to move forward at pace because you have renewed self confidence. Your coach will work with you to remove any self limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  •  Unlock Your Passion - I love helping my clients to unlock their passion. If you do something you love, there's no lack of energy or belief. You can shine brightly!
  • Creativity - A coach can be a great source of creativity, helping you to brainstorm & test out new ideas in a safe environment. This is an extremely empowering & exciting experience.
  • Trust & Objectivity - having someone that you can trust and who is not judgemental is extremely valuable, for boosting your confidence and your belief system. It's not easy finding this kind of support in within your personal network.
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    Accountability - Your coach is not a "yes person"! All the accountability is on you within the relationship. This is powerful within the coaching / client relationship, because it puts you in the driving seat and gives you the ownership for everything that's discussed and agreed. When you take ownership, YOU make things happen. The power within you is released. 
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    Your Network will Grow - your coach will usually be well connected and when they share their success stories, they will want to mention you! They will spot opportunities for you to utilise the power of bringing in external support. Being an entrepreneur can be a reclusive experience if you allow it to. Your coach will see the benefit of bringing in new support for you and encouraging you to reach out for support.
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    You Will Make More Money - Simply put your coach will help you make more money. This is because, that's usually the reason you hire a coach, The trick is to hire a good coach, who motivates, nurtures, challenges, supports, praises and does everything to help you reach the top. It's my mission to to help my clients make more money by adopting all these principles. However, that said, it is the client's responsibility to put in the work that will see them rewarded financially.

Have you hired a coach? Are you thinking of hiring a coach?

I'm a transformational and marketing coach. If you'd like to learn more about how I can help you, I'm waiting to chat with you. Book your Discovery Call here with me - it's FREE!

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