Join The Genius Programme to Quit Your Job & follow your dream!!

You come home each night and say you hate your job.
You've reached "that stage" of life & looking for a fresh challenge.
The job you once loved has become stale & uninspiring. Perhaps you're just about to be made redundant and worried about your income.

Let's Map Out Your Escape Plan

Your road to freedom begins here.

When my clients reach out to me, they know they've reached a crossroads. Working for someone else, isn't cutting it anymore. The burning desire to do something with more purpose has taken a firm grip and to continue working for corporate is no longer an option. 

They ask for help to find their genius and set in motion, a plan to set them free.

The truth is, doing it yourself isn't easy.

Each time you try to figure it out, it feels like a tangled mess. It's too complex to unravel and organise.

Desires turn to frustration.

Dreams become a distant illusion.

Self doubt creeps in and then reality kicks in.

Imagine if you could say goodbye to all of this?

Imagine getting the best night's sleep, waking up fresh and energetic with the knowledge that you're about to do your best day's work.

No more...

  • sleepless nights filled with anxiety about the day ahead
  • Sunday evening blues
  • long hours, tired weekends and limited holidays
  • 20+ more years doing a job you hate
  • longing to do work more meaningful
  • feeling overworked and undervalued
  • job uncertainty
  • tiresome daily commutes
  • missing your child's first word or walk
  • being passed up for promotion, again, despite over delivering
  • living pay cheque to pay cheque

Instead, you're strolling to your home office in your comfy shoes

You're confident and feel great, that today you can be authentic and true to who you serve.

You're FREE to do all this...

  • work you love
  • reward yourself more
  • work in a space you love
  • be authentic & true in everything you do
  • set the rules aligned with your values
  • experience the joy seeing your kids grow up
  • go on date nights with your loved one
  • be an inspiring role model for your family & kids
  • take holidays when the mood takes you

What would you give to easily reach your income goals, have the freedom to live AND do whatever you choose?

It's Time To Follow your heart...

You've considered, or even tried the "get rich quick" schemes, only to discover they're not your passion, or, full of empty promise. Your friends and family tell you to "go and find another job" - but you know that won't solve your pain. You're on the 9-5 treadmill and as you feel yourself tiring, life stands still. You try to escape but the dark clouds chase you.

As you look around, everyone seems like they've found their groove. Why can't you find yours?

Wouldn't it be magical if you were able to easily step into your perfect life?

Wouldn't it be a relief if someone gave you an escape plan and told you 12 months from now you can be doing work you love instead of a job you hate?

How would you feel if I gave you a personalised strategic roadmap, guiding you to move quickly and easily to you where you want to be?

How would you feel if I could remove your fears and give you the strategic tools I used to create and live my Freedom Life, releasing my corporate chains and replacing my executive salary?

What if I said, this time next year, you can be living your freedom life, free from corporate demands, free from stress, free from being told what to do and where you call the shots, such as taking coffee with friends whatever time of the day you choose!

Sounds amazing you say! I say, want to know how?

Unlock Your Genius

I truly believe we are all born with a unique gift. I believe our gifts are bestowed upon us in order to do greater good. 

Some of us discover our gifts early in life and go onto share it with the world. That's when creative businesses thrive. We are rewarded for the gift we share and the meaningful work that we do. This enables us to share our gift and bring joy on a greater scale.

Some of us, don't discover our gift until later in life and others need help finding theirs.

Why do you need help? Life just gets in the way. Our conscious minds, get blocked and overflow with information, sometimes it's not easy to be who we were born to be.

UNLOCK YOUR GENIUS is a 4 month coaching program guiding you to discover your gift and package it up allowing you to share it with the world, and yes, get handsomely rewarded for it.



A 1-1 coaching & mentoring program Unlock Your Genius

a bespoke and personalised coaching relationship to discover your genius and turn it into the perfect business idea that allows you to experience financial freedom and quit your day job.

Across 4 months, we'll be working 1-1 to clarify your desires and dreams, tackle your fears and worries head on and create your Freedom Plan

Using my 5 Step Freedom Formula. we'll revisit your passions (even if you say you have none!) and align them with your talents, values and beliefs, to create a business idea you're completely connected to.

You'll get crystal clear on how much income you want to attract each month and create a strategy for consistently earning it.

On the Genius Program you will...

  • follow my 5 step formula to find your true genius, test it and learn how to turn it into a profitable business idea.
  • create your personalised Transitional Roadmap to move from your job to your new career.
  • get unlimited email access to me and the opportunity to use me as your "sounding board". 

I can't wait to connect & help you to...

  • pivot your destiny & begin a new chapter!
  • leverage the skills, you've acquired  & unleash your talent to create a genuine business that thrives
  • discover the meaningful work you were born to do and enjoy
  • break free and quit your day job so you can live the monumental life you deserve

In 4 months you will...

  • have identified your passion-led business idea / career.
  • implementing your personal Transitional Roadmap showing you the steps you need to take in order to leave your job.
  • have entered into ​​​​a powerful, new phase of your life with real confidence and clarity!
  • be experiencing a monumental & positive shift in your energy levels.

Places are limited. I only take on a few clients each month, so don't miss out!

This Is Perfect For You If..

  • You're READY to break free but uncertain about what lies ahead.
  • You are COMMITTED to learning & putting in the hours.
  • check
    You'll take action, even if it means being outside of your comfort zone.
  • You want to achieve something more powerful in your life.
  • check
    You appreciate the value working with a Coach can add to your life.

This ISN'T For You If..

  • You lack focus and cannot commit to the time and work involved.
  • You don't like to take advice from others.
  • You're looking for the magic bullet or a get rich quick scheme.
  • check
    You consistently find an excuse rather than take action.
  • check
    You're prepared to go it alone.
  • check
    Transforming your life for the better isn't a priority for you.

What Client's Say...

Patsy Evans

Ex Teaching Assistant Turned Blogger

I didn't have a clue where to begin before I started working with Jay. Once I got clear on my mission, I began developing my business idea using the Roadmap.  All I can say is go for it...If you need confidence building & growing your online business, this is the place for you!

Stevie K

Business Owner

I have found Jay dedicated, helpful, kind. She has a calming approach which makes her lovely to work with.

I Understand

I get you. I understand your pain...

- I experienced the need for a fresh challenge

- I was paralysed wearing my corporate mask

- I needed to do something meaningful with the rest of my life but lacked the confidence to make the change

I broke ​free, so can you!

jay b

Why Work With Me?

I'm a Certified and Professional Life & Business Coach & Master NLP Practitioner

I was trained as a life and business coach by The Coaching Academy (2006) and spent 2 years training to become a MASTER NLP (Neuro-Liguistic Programming). This additional qualification gets my clients significant results to quickly overcome deep rooted fears, anxieties and other barriers . In most cases, the results are usually immediate.

I've been in your shoes and successfully made the transition

I've know how it feels to experience a life where you feel hopeless and trapped. Against the odds, single and suffering from depression, I created a robust plan to move me quickly from despair to freedom. It was my best achievement. I don't believe anyone should be doing work that doesn't serve them.

I'm 100% COMMITTED to​​​​ ensuring my clients ACHIEVE their desired outcome

I only work with a handful of clients at any one time. I work from the heart, so I absolutely have your back. I want you to succeed. Your success is my success. I give you the time, energy and feedback that you need to achieve your desired outcome. I'm hands on and show up consistently - with a smile! I do kick butt - when it's needed!

I believe in continuous DEVELOPMENT

I believe it's my responsibility to keep my finger on the pulse within the online world of business, marketing, coaching and well being. That's why I'm investing in my knowledge every month and sharing my learning's with clients. You will benefit from my knowledge, experience and insights gained from work I've completed with my own coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

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